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Poems from my book!

The minute I finally got to hold my book in my hands, Iv'e been carrying it everywhere in case I find a good photography spot for my poetry because I very narcissistic-ly admit to have been drooling over how beautiful it looks in printed/published form. Yep. Anyway, I'm sharing a couple of them here, take... Continue Reading →

Guess who’s back?!

Hello, people of WordPress! So... who remembers me? Probably nobody. But I remember all of you, and I've missed you SOOOO much!!! My blog was always my little sanctuary, the one place where I felt most like myself... and most of that came from the fact that I was anonymous here, and none of my... Continue Reading →

Gallery of Stars IN PAKISTAN!!

HEELLOOOO!!! my bones are breaking and I'm soo tired  I am literally COMBUSTING with joy to announce that... *DRUMROLL* GALLERY OF STARS COMES TO PAKISTAN NEXT WEEK! Ever since my book, Gallery of Stars, was published on Amazon, all I've had to deal with is shit loads of stress and anxiety and absolute craziness. First,... Continue Reading →

She was beautiful — Luna

All their sight allowed them was to view her magically flowing hair, Glass-like spotless skin, and her perfectly shaped body, While their insight failed to dig deeper, So they worshipped her body, And paid her soul no heed. Therefore, She decided to do them all a favor, And on a beautifully sunny day, With a […]... Continue Reading →

Dreamless Nights

Dreamless Nights These nights, Sleep has abandoned me, In its boredom, For all my dreams, I see when I'm awake. - Himna Ahmad Khan   Instagram: @himnawritess Goodreads: Himna Ahmad Khan Amazon: Gallery of Stars

I have questions

I have questions The "why" to my existence, The "how" to the end of "us", The "when" to learn from my mistakes, The "where" to the place I left myself behind, They scorch me, These burning questions, They drown me, These anchoring questions, They suffocate me, These poisonous questions, They'll kill me, These dead ends... Continue Reading →

Am I… happy?

Poem: Am I… happy? When sheer will thrums in your veins, Is that what happiness feels like? When your heart aches to prove it is still within you, Is that what happiness feels like? When smiles creep onto your lips like a sudden calamity, Is that what happiness feels like? When everything seems like a... Continue Reading →


Pre note: The struggle of taking my feet out of the blanket just because "my socks match the theme of this book and I need to take a picture" was real 😑 BUT WORTH IT!! 😀 *** OHMILOOOOOOORRRDDD!!! THIS DAMN BOOK!! This is legitimately the BEST romance book I've ever read in my entire lifee!!... Continue Reading →

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